Energy Supply Management

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    Demand Response

    Receive payments for helping utility companies reduce energy consumption during peak periods.

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    Energy Cost Management

    Gain budget stability and predictability through hedging strategies for energy prices.

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    Energy Supply Procurement

    Identify the best sources of physical energy supply based on market conditions and company infrastructure.

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    Renewable Energy Supply Management

    Procure renewable energy in deregulated markets, discover options in regulated markets or purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) to add renewable energy to the energy supply chain.

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"Ameresco's expertise has allowed us to continue to build on this record of energy efficiency as we work to identify areas in which we can lower electricity costs and reduce expenses for the City and our customers."


--Dennis Lilley, Austin Energy

Energy Supply Management can be a complicated endeavor. Today's energy landscape varies greatly from state to state, from season to season and across industries. Ameresco's energy market analysis provides customers with a path to energy price stability and a variety of cost-saving options to help manage energy procurement and price risk.

From global companies to local municipal facilities, our Energy Supply Management specialists can provide customized assessments of supply-side dynamics based on contracts in place, the current regulatory and market conditions, carbon market demands and our knowledge of future trends that could impact energy delivery and pricing. As one of the largest independent energy service providers, Ameresco is not affiliated with specific energy suppliers or equipment manufacturers; our spectrum of energy services objectively leads each customer toward the optimal solution for their unique needs.

Head-on view of a Chicago Transit Authority bus


As the operator of the second-largest public transportation system in the United States, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) found itself grappling with rising costs for fuel and electricity, which were topping $100 million annually.

Ameresco put its expertise in energy supply management and energy risk management to work, developing a series of solutions that will save $19.7 million annually in energy costs. All of the new contracts and agreements were structured to comply with CTA operating requirements.

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