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Health & Safety

Ameresco highly values the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers, and communities. We truly believe that no financial goal, work task, client deliverable, or schedule demand is worth an injury, and that every Ameresco employee, supplier, contractor, partner, and vendor has a responsibility to work safely.

Our health and safety program utilizes an integrated safety management approach to ensure that safety is incorporated in the planning and execution of all work. Ameresco has a master safety plan that functions as a basis for site specific plans at each of our worksites. In addition, our subcontractors must acknowledge and adhere to our stringent safety requirements.

Trainings & Certifications

At Ameresco, we require that every employee receives training for performing their tasks in a safe and effective manner. For those working on project sites, this includes attending a project orientation prior to beginning working on the site. These orientations extend to subcontractors and any visitors must also receive a safety briefing.

Building upon the company’s long history of safety at construction sites and our operational assets, Ameresco’s Safety Staff and Project Management Teams hold a variety of current OSHA, EPA, and USACE EM 385-1-1 certifications:

  • Site Safety Managers, Construction Directors, Project Managers and Construction Managers hold the 30-Hour OSHA Construction Safety Certifications;
  • Regional Safety Managers are OSHA Certified Trainers for the OSHA Construction Safety Courses; and
  • Regional Safety Managers and Federal Site Safety Managers are 40-Hour EM 385-1-1 Certified in Hazard Recognition under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Our focus on safety spans our global presence, including safety committees that focus on our operations in the United Kingdom and Canada. In Canada, Ameresco’s commitment and practices to foster a safe workplace have earned the Certificate of Recognition (COR™), in Alberta and its equivalent in Nova Scotia. COR™ is endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations. Ameresco is currently working towards COR™ certification in Ontario as well as pursuing COR equivalent in other provinces where we do not currently have an office.

Global Safety Ambassadors Program

Ameresco’s Global Safety Ambassadors program expands upon the previously instituted safety programs and includes two representatives – one management and one non-management level – from each of Ameresco’s business units. By establishing a concentrated committee dedicated to promoting and fostering employee and company safety, Ameresco’s Global Safety Ambassadors will solicit input and evaluate program performance to provide recommendations to senior and executive level management for continued overall process improvements.

The program’s objectives include reducing the incidence of injury and illness throughout the company, improving overall safety in the work environment, maintaining lines of communication with all employees, and protecting the company’s assets.

In 2021, Ameresco executive vice president and director, David Anderson will serve as the Global Safety Ambassadors’ executive representative, acting as a liaison between the program and the management team. Ken Gross, Ameresco’s senior vice president of safety, quality and risk management, will act as committee chair, developing and leading the Global Safety Ambassadors program with his team located across the company.

Doing Well by Doing Good

Ameresco’s 2020 Environmental, Social & Governance Report

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