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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

We evaluate, design, and develop turn-key meter solutions, that allow our customers to efficiently and proactively serve their end users.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems use advanced technology to read, monitor, and maintain water, electric, and gas utility distribution systems. A network of smart meters automatically communicate data between utilities and consumers, in a centralized database for billing and analysis.

Partner with Ameresco for a customized AMI/AMR solution that allows you to make fact based and informed asset management decisions, helping you proactively protect your utility infrastructure.

From design to project implementation, we have expertise in smart metering solutions, including AMI water meters. Starting with an evaluation of your current utility system and database, our engineering experts review your existing infrastructure and conduct an unbiased cost/benefit analysis. Then, after helping you choose the right meter and reading technology, we design and install a customized smart metering solution.

We offer a holistic approach with a guarantee to the following services:

  • Unbiased technology and product selection (AMI/AMR/meters)
  • Design and implementation of advanced metering systems
  • Turn-key, firm fixed price with various funding options
  • Asset management analysis for future CIP planning
  • Customized citizen engagement and communication strategies
  • Database evaluation for accuracy and unaccounted for revenues

Smart metering infrastructure enables accurate reading, collection, and management of utility data to provide enhanced customer service, transparency, and accountability.

Increase revenue through improved meter accuracy with a smart meter solution from Ameresco. Complete the form to access our info sheet on Advanced Metering Infrastructure today ➙


Captured lost and unaccounted for revenue

Reduced meter reading costs and errors

Leak detection and conservation

Improved citizen engagement and proactive communications

Enhanced customer response time

Accurate and transparent detailed consumption data

“Among the many benefits of this project is an unprecedented level of transparency that our customers will have into their water consumption, including the ability to view and track usage from any computer or mobile device. Ameresco’s expertise in the area of smart city solutions and advanced metering technologies made them our ideal partner for this project.”

“Ameresco has a great amount of experience in this area of municipal infrastructure projects and we are grateful for the steps they’re taking to help us optimize how we monitor and optimize water usage across the community.”

“The billing accuracy, as well as the improvement in customer service, made this project well worth the money.”

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Implementing Advanced Technologies in Water Infrastructure

Water and wastewater infrastructure continue to be key components to successful growth across cities in Texas. This session will dive into various water and wastewater advanced technology projects implemented in the state utilizing innovative funding models. Projects include Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI), wastewater biogas recycling, and digital customer portals. Watch free webinar →

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