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We are on a mission to help communities and clients improve energy resilience. Work with Ameresco to diversify your energy supply while supporting a sustainable energy future. Over the last two decades, we have built meaningful relationships with utilities across North America and Europe.

Ameresco has provided renewable energy to utilities through power purchase agreements (PPAs), partnered on utility energy services contracts (UESCs) for Federal entities, constructed long term energy as a service (EaaS) partnerships with on-site renewable generation, provided operations and maintenance (O&M) services for utility infrastructure, and implemented distributed energy generation for utility clients. We have partnered on countless interconnection agreements both on behalf of our customers and our own distributed energy systems. From working with utilities and their customers to cooperatives and their members to regional independent system operators (ISO’s), Ameresco is a trusted sustainability partner with experience that runs deep.

Why do Utilities Partner with Ameresco?

  • Support of a sustainable energy future
  • Investment in today’s innovative cleantech solutions
  • Enhanced diversity of energy supply
  • Innovative financing that drives projects forward
  • 20+ years proven experience

Now more than ever it’s imperative to look holistically at a plan for the future of energy. We work together with utilities and end energy users to deploy both smart and innovative technologies including distributed generation projects, energy storage systems, microgrids, energy analytics and supply, and advanced metering and controls, and the long-term O&M services to keep resources optimized.

Interested in Learning More?

Utility Scale Renewable Energy

Did you know nearly all of a water utility’s waste can be recycled or reused? We can take biogas generated during the sewage treatment process, capture and refine it, just like we did for the San Antonio Water System. 

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)  is one of the most effective ways to decarbonize existing natural gas pipelines and deliver carbon-neutral energy alternatives. At Ameresco, we design, build, own, operate and maintain renewable energy plants that convert otherwise wasted byproduct gas into useful forms of energy.

Solutions for Utilities

Energy Generation

Ameresco is a renewable energy asset developer, owner & operator. We leverage the latest technologies for distributed energy resources and comprehensive solutions.

Technical Expertise

As a partner and provider for utilities, Ameresco delivers creative and proven solutions fueled by a deep bench of innovative engineering teams.

Renewable Natural Gas

Diversify your energy portfolio and reduce your carbon footprint with RNG, a renewable energy source that converts otherwise-wasted byproduct gas into useful forms of energy.

Battery Energy Storage Systems / Non-Wires Alternatives

Improve energy reliability and resilience for grid infrastructure, by storing electricity during off-peak times and delivering grid reliability and stability, while differing or possibly eliminating the need for distribution station upgrades.

Advanced Metering Solutions

We partner with local utilities to implement advanced metering infrastructure. This optimizes the distribution system and increases revenue with improved meter accuracy.

Financial Mechanisms

Ameresco partners with utilities under a variety of innovative funding opportunities – including PPAs, EaaS partnerships, design-build/EPC, utility energy service contracts, ESTCP, ERCIP, AFFECT, and more.

Proud to Support Cooperatives Across the US

As a leader in the energy services industry, Ameresco is always on the cutting edge of advanced technologies. We provide solutions that increase resiliency, decrease carbon emissions, and modernize aging infrastructure, so our cooperative partners can focus on their members and communities. We are proud to support cooperatives as a NRECA Associate Gold member. Our innovative approach to energy security compliments the reliability that cooperatives deliver. Ameresco is transforming the energy economy, building resiliency and sustainability into every project we touch.

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Utility Scale Energy Solutions

UESC with Eversource at US Coast Guard Academy

Biogas-to-Energy with City of Dallas Water Utilities


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