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Commercial energy use in the United States encompasses nearly 5 million buildings. Together, they pay a combined total of nearly $107.9 billion dollars annually in energy costs and create 17% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). With these facts in mind, business energy management should not be addressed solely as a cost issue or an environmental issue; profitable energy management is executed with the understanding that these two issues are inherently connected.

Moreover, greenhouse gas reporting, which has been mandatory for many global companies for years, is an increasing concern in the United States, with EPA reporting requirements and sustainability mandates forcing organizations to measure and reduce their emissions. Regulations aside, it is good business from Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG, and shareholder perspectives for industrial companies to point out energy savings and reductions in their carbon footprints.

Ameresco provides expertise, innovative engineering, and financial options that companies need to reduce energy costs, increase resiliency, and address corporate sustainability goals. We have tailored projects with commercial and industrial (C&I) entities ranging from manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, financial institutions, retail and office buildings, hospitality and food service, and more.

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Green Resiliency At Wells Fargo: The Intersection Of Distributed Energy Generation And Sustainability

There is a critical emphasis on combatting climate change, severe weather, and grid volatility – all of which have a costly impact to business and society. In rebuilding our communities, we have the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a brighter clean energy future with Green Resiliency. Join this webinar to learn from Wells Fargo, a leading financial services company, about how their on-site renewables are laying the groundwork for a more sustainable future, one renewable and resilient step at a time. Watch free webinar →

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Defining Your Path to Destination: Net Zero

Ameresco helps industrial, commercial, manufacturing, and retail organizations meet carbon management goals on the path to net zero as part of a broader, more comprehensive energy management plan focused on demand reduction via energy efficiency green supply via renewable resources, all wrapped with profitability in mind. Ameresco delivers energy infrastructure upgrades without additional capital. New energy systems are more efficient, which means the budget currently allocated for utility payments can be used to replace or retrofit existing equipment.  Through budget-neutral infrastructure upgrades, companies can dramatically reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions while stabilizing energy budgets. Environmental and cost benefits can be tracked, incorporated into future budgets and included in a sustainability report for third parties and CSR statements.

We recommend energy systems that integrate with your existing equipment and provide state-of-the-art performance while making an impact on your carbon footprint. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, and delivering reliable and efficient energy now and for the future. Our flexible approach to service delivery allows C&I organizations to retain oversight and control while outsourcing non-core activities. Ameresco’s energy specialists go beyond basic energy services to address energy efficiency in terms of the processes and process-related systems that are specific to each customer’s operations.

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Destination: Net Zero

Setting your Path to Net Zero: Six steps to address climate protection goals, for corporate leaders dealing with growing concerns from society, customers, employees, the investment community, and other stakeholders.

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