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Smart LED Street Lighting Solutions

Save Energy Costs with LED Street Lights and Controls

When selecting a partner for your lighting project, experience counts. With more than 500,000 LED street lights installed or contracted, Ameresco is the largest non-utility purchaser of LED street lights in the United States1. We have helped customers across North America convert more than a half million street lights to LED technology and turn old lights into new savings

When converting traditional street lights to LEDs:

  • Deliver energy cost savings up to 60-70%
  • Reduce energy consumption 60-70%
  • Produce brighter light with more uniform distribution
  • Reduce CO2 emissions with lower wattage requirements
  • Enhance community safety and improve visibility for drivers

Plus, when adding smart lighting controls to LEDs:

  • Reduce maintenance costs by up to 80%
  • Improve lighting reliability and service delivery
  • Provide centralized visibility and remote management
  • Reduce 311 calls thanks to real-time detection of outages

Smart, connected lighting systems monitor for outages and streamline lighting management. We have installed smart controls on more than 60% of the LED street lights we’ve installed to date. Smart lighting systems provide a foundation for additional Smart City applications, from parking to waste management.

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“The Chicago Smart Lighting Program is off to a great start, delivering modern, reliable, energy-efficient lighting that is already improving quality of life in Chicago neighborhoods. The new state-of-the-art smart lighting management system will automatically notify us when lights need to be serviced, addressing one of the top reasons people call 311. This program is a great example of how we are building a new Chicago for the 21st Century.”

– Rahm Emanuel, Mayor, City of Chicago
Chicago Smart Lighting Program

Benefits of LEDs & smart lighting controls

LED technology and smart lighting controls revolutionize street lighting by delivering a safer streetscape while modernizing and reducing the costs of lighting, one of the largest areas of energy consumption for most cities. According to the DOE, widespread use of LEDs in the U.S. by 2027 could equate to more than $30 billion in energy savings. Communities can embrace the efficiency, financial and quality of life benefits of an LED upgrade.

Aerial view of a Chicago city block at night showing poor lighting.

Before LED street lighting

Aerial view of a Chicago city block at night showing improved LED street lighting.

After LED street lighting


  • Reduce energy costs and consumption by 60-70%
  • Save up to 80% on long term maintenance costs
  • Reduce incoming 311 calls with smart lighting controls


  • Improve service delivery with lighting management system
  • Proactive maintenance with real-time monitoring
  • Reduce CO2 emissions from energy use and maintenance truck rolls

Quality of life

  • Improve community safety and security
  • Enhance infrastructure reliability
  • Improve streetscape and driver visibility
  • Adjust light levels to meet visibility needs
  • Reduce light pollution

Ameresco’s Approach to Street & Area Lighting

Ameresco is not just another lighting vendor. We have an expansive network of best-in-class technology, integration, and data analytics partners. We expertly manage complex projects, in cities and campuses, to deliver measurable results for our clients. As a vendor-neutral provider, Ameresco delivers customized solutions for every project including technology objectively selected to fit each environment and set of client needs.

Graphic illustrating the steps in Ameresco's project process: 1: UNderstand, identify and pritorize the client's unique challenges; 2: Design and develop solutions; 3: Incorporate financing and procurement options; 4. Build and implement the project; 5: Mesure results, operate and maintain equipment (optional)

Smart LED Street Lighting in City of Chicago, IL

LED Street & Area Lighting Impact on Sky Glow

Recent research originally published in the academic journal Lighting Research and Technology by GFZ shows that lighting sources other than LED street lights have a much larger contribution to sky glow. “Sources such as lit signs and façades, shop windows, sports fields, and more have a more profound impact on the dark sky than do LED-based street lights, say researchers studying satellite imagery.”

Read more in LEDs Magazine (link opens in new window)

LED Street & Area Light Project Services

Inventory Audit: Our audits capture both street light and pole characteristics as well as pole spacing and placement, roadway classification, lane configuration, and other lighting application data such as average daily traffic and historic accident data. Ameresco also offers street lighting condition assessments and reconciliation of inventory and billing data.

Design Process: Ameresco’s best-in-class GIS-based design process maximizes energy savings and minimizes glare and light trespass. Using audit data, we identify common and critical lighting applications and develop luminaire specifications to ensure your illumination levels are achieved with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Light Fixture Selection: We will evaluate options from a variety of vendors using photometric and lifecycle cost analysis. If desired, we can also compare the relative energy consumption of different color temperature options, and ensure that Dark Sky compliance is achieved.

Local Incentives and Rebates: Ameresco has extensive experience identifying and capturing utility incentives and rebates (over $35M for the Chicago Smart Lighting Project alone, for example) as well as grants from local, state, and federal government, and other sources. We complete rebate applications, conduct pre- and post-construction site visits with inspectors, and respond to inquiries from utility company staff regarding savings calculations.

Community Outreach: Before, during, and after the project, Ameresco can provide community outreach to showcase how your LED street light conversion addresses your commitment to safety and sustainability.

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