Interior view of a brightly lit and modern building entryway in shades of white, light grey and seafoam green

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Interior Lighting and Controls

Ameresco can install state-of-the-art lighting systems to benefit building occupants and facilities. Our projects replace or upgrades existing fixtures, and will enhance the quality, consistency, and color rendering of your lighting system. Lighting systems offer a broad spectrum of energy optimizing solutions. Sample lighting retrofit scope items include low-wattage, extended life super T8 lamps; scotopic lighting (using LED or fluorescent sources); indoor LED ‘tube’ replacements; indoor LED fixture retrofits and replacements; LED or electroluminescent exit signage; and natural lighting solutions (e.g. skylights, light tubes).

Ameresco deploys lighting controls as well, including occupancy or vacancy sensors; high-end trim; demand-controlled dimming; day lighting; addressable lighting; and advanced window shades. Ameresco has often installed limited scale lighting mockups to solicit facility user feedback regarding proposed changes in advance of a larger-scale project. User feedback has been responsible for modifications to proposed lighting scope, heading off potential user complaints.

Implementation of lighting upgrades saves energy, and results in annual maintenance savings, since installation of new equipment will extend service intervals. Ameresco is fully capable and responsible for meeting your lighting needs.

Case Studies

Daytime aerial view of NASA Wallops Flight Facility with the launch pad in the forground

NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Lighting was upgraded and balanced to eliminate overlighting, with automated controls that turn lights off when spaces are unoccupied.

Daytime exterior view of the main buildings at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada

University Medical Center of Southern Nevada

Ameresco retrofitted 10,246 light fixtures and installed 707 light sensor controls to help achieve more than 2 million kWh in annual energy savings.

Evening view of the Henderson, Nevada city hall complex lit with LED lights

City of Henderson

More than 1,500 occupancy sensors were installed across 1.7 million square feet of facilities to turn off lights when building spaces are unoccupied.

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View of solar panels on top of Minneapolis-St. Pauil International Airport with superimposed video play button

CNN looks at the technology behind the solar installation at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. (Video opens in new window.)

Solar Panels + LED Lighting = Near-Zero Energy Consumption

Airport Improvement magazine looks at how solar panels and LED lighting combine to provide near-zero energy consumption at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s parking facilities.