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Budget-Neutral Infrastructure Upgrades

Budget-neutral infrastructure upgrades provided by Ameresco’s energy services specialists answer the question of how to manage aging facility and municipal energy systems when political or financial pressures put capital out of reach. Newer energy systems are more efficient, which means the budget currently allocated for utility payments can be used to replace or retrofit existing infrastructure. Lower annual energy costs provide the budget for the energy retrofit.

Ameresco’s comprehensive energy solutions range from boiler and chiller replacements to full facility development. Phased energy efficient retrofits do not interfere with daily operations during the facility upgrade. Our experienced team of engineers has helped business customers achieve savings of 10% to 35% at the facility level, and up to 65% at the process level. We also offer the solutions and personnel training needed to help commercial and government customers comply with zero net energy initiatives.

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The Zero Net Energy Future

Combining energy efficiency with on-site power generation, zero net energy buildings produce as much energy as they consume. These buildings can operate off the energy grid, and they generate enough of their own power to offset carbon emissions used in energy production.

Buildings consume 40% of the energy used in the United States annually. Several states, most notably California, have adopted strict new commercial building guidelines that make zero net energy construction and energy efficient retrofits not just desirable, but necessary.

Incentives are available to offset development costs, through state and federal grants and through utility rebate programs and demand-based reimbursements. As a recognized leader in energy retrofits, Ameresco has the experience and expertise to develop enterprise-wide zero net energy solutions and uncover additional sources of revenue to finance building and infrastructure development.

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