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Software suite and advisory services for strategic
capital planning with tactical maintenance
and proactive energy management

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Improve efficiency with custom-designed heating,
ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems

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Lock in energy sources with an eye on price stability
and emission reductions


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Energy Analytics

Accurate and relevant energy information is the foundation of any energy efficiency, renewable energy or integrated energy management plan. When robust energy analytics are available, public and private enterprises can make decisions that deliver meaningful savings and environmental benefits.

Ameresco offers a complete suite of asset and energy information tools that go beyond the standard energy data to provide continual, real-time information about energy use that organizations can use to negotiate energy contracts, maintain carbon compliance and certifications or isolate poorly performing energy systems that can deliver measurable return on investment with energy upgrades.

Our Asset Sustainability Group (ASG) is a leading sustainability partner providing financial solutions and alternative funding strategies to manage risk associated with aging infrastructure. ASG provides asset management solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors, including school boards, post-secondary schools, municipalities, public housing, healthcare, hospitality, property management, and commercial/retail.

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AssetPlanner™ SOFTWARE

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ASG Software Solutions through Ameresco’s proprietary AssetPlanner™ Software Suite that combines strategic capital planning with tactical maintenance management and proactive energy management.

“AssetPlanner™ became our solution and continues to be an integral tool in our department; providing a repository for past and current facility information, a key component of our maintenance management program, as well as providing us with the tools to assist us in making informed decisions regarding future life cycle replacement projects. Overall the AP software helps us meet our department’s purpose to enhance the learning environment by keeping buildings, grounds and equipment safe, clean and in good condition.”

Steve Jackson – Director of Operations, Rocky Mountain School District


Our experienced team provides Advisory Services in capital planning and optimization of infrastructure portfolios that help address the growing gap between increasing capital needs and expected budgets.  ASG offers a three-tiered approach to asset sustainability capital planning strategies and solutions.

The first step is to quickly and efficiently quantify the current and future renewal, asset management and aging infrastructure needs of the portfolio through the following process:

  • Life Cycle/Forecasting
  • Condition Validation/Assessment
  • Utilization
  • Risk Measurement/Metrics
  • Funding Appropriation
  • Decision Development FrameworkTM

ASG By the Numbers


Year Created


Buildings Served

3.2 billion+

Square Feet Monitored

$7 billion+

Capital Creation Opportunities