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Demand-Side Management

Ameresco’s demand side management capabilities allow customers to identify and implement capital projects and operational modifications that reduce the ownership, operations and maintenance costs of energy-consuming systems and equipment. In addition, Ameresco works with customers to uncover and acquire energy rebates and tax credits from utilities and state and federal government agencies for reduction of energy consumption.

As one of the largest independent energy efficiency companies and energy services providers, Ameresco has both the flexibility and creativity from its experienced team of engineers to work with a variety of products and services to create optimized energy management programs for its customers.

Ameresco can create customized demand management projects that include the following:

Lighting | HVAC | Energy Efficient Windows, Roofs, Insulation | Boilers | Chillers | Geothermal Heat Pumps | Variable Frequency Drives | High Efficiency Motors | Energy Management Systems

Our core competencies include the following:

Equipment Efficiency
Equipment replacement, system component retrofit, energy recovery equipment installation
Load Management
Energy source switching, dual fuel capability, operating schedule modifications, converted energy storage
Operational Efficiency
Operating procedures modification, controls addition, control sequence refinement, maintenance practices alteration
Process Productivity
Production flow refinement, capacity bottlenecking reduction, production line speed increases, new process technology

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