Financial Options

Unfunded liabilities and aging infrastructure are always a source of concern. When budget constraints are an issue for energy project financing, Ameresco can turn these fiscal strains into sources of cash through different contract options that allow reinvestment into core assets and the reduction of operating costs.

By conducting a needs analysis that highlights facility-related cost savings and revenue opportunities, Ameresco can devise strategies that leverage this funding for power project financing. Ameresco uses DBOOM (Design, Build, Own, Operate and Maintain), Performance Contracting, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and Budget Neutral Infrastructure Upgrades as its core tactics for energy project financing.

Ameresco is also on top of innovative funding opportunities such as renewable energy certificates, grants, utility rebates and tax credits continuously in development at the federal and state levels. This allows for a complete and up-to-date evaluation of potential aid to finance renewable energy projects.

“By using the performance contract approach with Ameresco, we were able to address several important City priorities of improving our facilities, saving money and being environmentally proactive in reducing the use of energy…Ameresco assisted in securing financing for the project, which will be repaid through energy cost savings.”

–City of Lowell City Manager Bernie Lynch

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Featured Case Study

San Francisco Housing Authority

Through energy savings and Federal incentives, the SFHA undertook a $12.5 million upgrade to the Ping Yuen housing complex that will deliver $60 million in energy savings over 20 years.

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