Daytime closeup of a solar farm on the outskirts of New York City


The loss of grid power can mean major interruption to mission-critical work that may have catastrophic results to your business. As organizations are becoming increasingly concerned about reliable utility supply, power quality and the vulnerability of the grid, many are taking greater responsibility to secure their own energy supply and infrastructure – particularly those organizations and industries dependent on reliable power without interruption.

For organizations that aim to build more robust, resilient and secure energy infrastructures, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) can provide reliable solutions not only in driving greater energy efficiencies and insuring critical resources, but also as viable alternatives to traditional centralized generation.

Ameresco develops microgrid and energy security systems that are flexible, scalable, and utilize a combination of renewable power generation and energy conservation and load reduction measures tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

Microgrid and energy security systems consist of:

  • Onsite battery energy storage
  • Onsite power generation
  • A flexible, scalable microgrid control platform with island-mode capability
  • Comprehensive energy conservation and load reduction measures

Ameresco’s experienced team brings a unique perspective to energy generation and energy storage requirements. We utilize our technical, financial and management resources to deliver world-class innovative solutions.

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Case Studies

Rendered image of solar parking canopies at a Parris Island parking lot

Parris Island

Solar, cogeneration and battery storage combine with a microgrid control system to ensure energy reliability and to reduce grid demand at peak times.

Daytime view of the main buildings at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as seen from the water

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Microgrid technology allows critical systems across the shipyard’s grid to disconnect completely from outside grid power for self-sufficient operation.

Daytime aerial view of Philadelphia Navy Yard with docks in the foreground

Philadelphia Navy Yard

Ameresco worked with PIDC, a public-private partnership, to develop one of the largest private microgrids in the United States, a natural gas peaking plant with 6MW capacity.

Additional Media

Several enclosed battery storage systems on the roof of a building

Batteries and Energy Storage

Energy storage is a critical component of full-time microgrid systems. Ameresco develops battery storage systems for a range of uses and a range of sizes, from small backup systems to microgrids that can power an entire facility.

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