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Asset Sustainability Software Solutions

Ameresco’s AssetPlannerTM is an industry leading powerful Asset Management Software Solution designed by infrastructure managers for infrastructure managers, with the result being a straightforward and easy to use platform that provides robust reporting and analytical tools for innovative decision support. Our software solution provides clients the capability to organize their risk management criteria associated with their infrastructure and to identify the most important renewal and replacement projects.

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AssetPlanner is a relational database that seamlessly integrates information from three key work areas that aides in decision development:

  • Capital Planning: Data Development, Needs Assessment, Capital Plan and Budgeting, Project Scheduling and Implementation
  • Maintenance Management: Workflow Process, Preventive Maintenance, Demand Maintenance Service Request, Execute Work
  • Energy Management: Data Development, Analyze and Benchmark, Energy Management Plan, Project Scheduling and Implementation

Capital Planning Suite

Asset Planning Module (with AuditPlannerTM App)

Premier capital planning suite provides support in areas from data development, risk and priority management to funding appropriation. Track, prioritize and report on deficiencies, then rate your assets and forecast renewals based on data collected and predefined life cycle projections. Built-in life cycle and cost modeling allows strategic long-range planning. Use the mobile AuditPlanner app to manage and speed up audits in the field. Collect data, take photographs and transfer everything back into the database with one click.

The Asset Planning Module makes it easy to generate reports showing asset costs over time.

Project Planning Module

Create and manage projects, build estimates and accrue actual costs. Produce real-time reports, budgets, capital plans and projections in minutes.

The Project Planning Module includes graphing functions for reporting or at-a-glance views of project needs.

Maintenance Management Suite

Preventative Maintenance Module

Organize and schedule preventative maintenance tasks. Increase asset life and extend renewal cycles. Build accountability for results and move away from a strictly reactive maintenance process.

The Preventative Maintenance Module provides a full monthly calendar of tasks, as well as sorting options.

Service Request Module

Connect easily and seamlessly with your end users. Facilitate and oversee the entire scope of repair and service work. Utilize built-in e-mail functionality for proactive communication and management of service providers. Mobile tools allow data to be managed on the go in real time.

Through the Service Request Module’s Dashboard, tasks and their urgency can easily be seen.

Maintenance PlannerTM Mobile App

Enables field staff to efficiently process work orders for service requests and preventive maintenance for a wide range of assets including buildings, roads, trails, water and wastewater systems, electrical, vehicles, heavy equipment, IT equipment, playgrounds, sports fields, courts and land assets. Work orders can be dispatched to staff or contractors on their mobile devices.

Energy Management Suite

Energy & Sustainability Module

Track energy performance over time, benchmark against industry targets, identify savings opportunities and develop accurate reporting. Create consumption baselines and cost avoidance reports using built-in weather normalization. Assess greenhouse gas emissions and calculate the carbon footprint of your assets.

This module allows users to view utility costs over time and compare costs from one facility or zone to another.

Measurement Management Suite

Measurement Management Module

Create financial investment scenarios that optimize decision making by intersecting energy opportunities (measures) with life cycle needs. Energy measures are ranked and prioritized based on payback, savings, incentives, measure type, life cycle needs, etc. Dashboards showcase the carbon footprint reduction impact, life cycle reduction impact, FCI reduction impact, unfunded liability impact associated with an aging infrastructure and financial impacts (leveraging energy measures against life cycle needs).