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Ameresco is breaking new ground in airport renewable energy and sustainability. We help airports develop sustainability master plans and comply with Voluntary Airport Low Emission Program rules with our innovative, high-impact energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

Creating sustainable airports can seem daunting, but airports have significant advantages that can be harnessed to improve efficiency and lower overall emissions.

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  • Large, open areas and buildings free of shade are ideal locations for major solar power systems. Airports may be able to generate 10% to 40% of their daily energy needs through emission-free solar power.
  • Older buildings at most airports in the United States are ideal candidates for deep energy retrofits that provide energy savings greater than 50% compared with pre-retrofit energy consumption. Potential improvements include updated weatherproofing, boiler and chiller upgrades, centralized energy management systems and lighting upgrades.
  • Parking garages and parking lots can be made drastically more efficient with LED area lighting, and provide opportunities to install carport solar canopies that extend shaded parking and generate energy. On-site transportation can be upgraded to zero-emission electric vehicles, partial zero hybrids or low emission natural gas. Electric vehicle charging stations for airport patrons, staff and visitors also help to reduce total emissions.
  • Heating and cooling systems can be made more efficient through the addition of cogeneration technology, or by supplementing heating and cooling systems with geothermal technology.

Ameresco provides support for every aspect of airport sustainability.

  • Our proprietary metering and modeling solutions combine real-time and historic data to generate accurate projections that can be used to identify the most beneficial energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.
  • Our in-house team of engineers and project managers designs and builds custom solutions for each airport client. As an independent company, we are technology- and equipment-agnostic.

There are several ways to secure funding for sustainability improvements at airports. Through an energy savings performance contract (ESPC), capital expenses are amortized across a fixed period and paid for with energy savings, resulting in no additional capital outlays. Through a power purchase agreement (PPA), Ameresco owns and operates renewable energy systems and sells the energy they produce to an airport at a fixed rate for a set number of years. Federal and State credits and incentives can also help to defray the costs of upgrades and new equipment.

There is no better time than today to start planning for airport sustainability, and Ameresco can provide the support and expertise needed through every phase of the process.

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