ESG at Ameresco

Founded on a mission to create value and provide energy efficient and renewable solutions to the organizations we serve, Ameresco is relentless in the pursuit of a sustainable future. Our ESG program’s theme of “Doing Well by Doing Good” reflects the inherent and grounded purpose behind the company’s success in delivering solutions that enable a low carbon future.

Since the very start, “doing good” has been part of the essence of our company – whether through the environmental impact of our independent energy solutions, our embrace of a diverse workforce with a deep bench of technical expertise, or engagement with our local communities with charitable activities – we have assembled a team of best-in-class industry leaders on our board of directors and senior management to execute on every level. Our President and CEO George Sakellaris, has paved the way for this exemplary initiative as a “founding father” of the energy efficiency industry.

Ameresco 2022 ESG Report Cover

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Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our business — from our energy saving customer projects and clean energy generation assets, to workplace green initiatives and giving back to our communities. We have committed ourselves to staying ahead of the curve and at the leading edge of innovation taking place in the energy sector. ESG is part of Ameresco’s DNA.

Since our initial public offering in 2010, Ameresco’s renewable energy assets and customer projects have delivered a cumulative carbon offset equivalent to over 95 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. Realizing the importance of supporting our customers’ journey to net zero, we are continuing to make progress toward our goal to reduce our customers’ carbon footprints by a cumulative 500 million metric tons by 2050. Through the end of 2022, we are 19% of the way to this goal and we will continue to provide innovative, sustainable solutions that support customers’ decarbonization.

Our C.A.R.I.N.G. values ground our offices and people. We are proud to have an engaging workplace with a host of competitive benefits, a thriving team that embraces diversity and inclusion, a supportive infrastructure for career development opportunities, and a variety of popular wellness programs for our employees. In the spirit of C.A.R.I.N.G. for our communities, in 2022, the team devoted a collective 2,531 hours to volunteerism initiatives and Ameresco donated ~$243K to a host of non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations.

Doing Well by Doing Good: Transformation & Purpose

Ameresco’s 2022 Environmental, Social & Governance Report


The world is facing climate change and biodiversity loss at levels that threaten the life supporting systems of our planet for future generations. The scientific consensus is that human activity is the cause. Ameresco takes our responsibility of protecting the environment seriously. Our business is founded on providing clean, green, and sustainable solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions for our customers. Ameresco is committed to continuing to deliver comprehensive projects that help accelerate the global transition to a net zero carbon future. We are also committed to reviewing our own carbon footprint, publishing data on emissions, and preparing plans to achieve net zero carbon from our direct operations. Learn more about Ameresco’s Environmental goals and initiatives ➞


We believe our employees are our greatest resource, as they come together to creatively integrate our advanced technology portfolio and develop innovative, transformative energy solutions. The diversity of our team coupled with our deep bench of technical expertise enables us to tackle some of the most complex energy opportunities. Supporting our employees and the communities in which we serve is paramount to our success. We focus on team-based employee philanthropy, wellness-focused employee benefits, and donating our time by investing in our local communities through education and training. Learn more about Ameresco’s Social goals and initiatives ➞


Ameresco recognizes that strong corporate governance is the broad backbone of an industry leading energy solutions company. Since our inception, we have focused on harnessing the knowledge of global leaders in energy efficiency and renewable energy to tackle complex energy projects while instilling strong corporate governance practices. With a relentless focus on innovative leadership, stringent health and safety compliance, safe technical infrastructure, and meaningful corporate ethics, Ameresco’s corporate governance practices enable us to execute at the highest level. Learn more about Ameresco’s Corporate Governance