Distributed Generation, Microgrids & Storage

Over the years, renewable energy, clean or “green” energy, sustainability, and corporate responsibility have become primary business concerns, with a measurable impact on consumer and investor interest in all types of businesses. As one of the country’s largest renewable asset developers, Ameresco takes a budget and business-friendly approach to renewable power that brings real, sustained economic benefit while ensuring environmentally friendly energy infrastructures.

From the renewable fuels generated from landfill gas and biomass to wind and solar power, Ameresco provides renewable energy solutions that allow organizations to capitalize on the most current energy technologies available. By coupling innovative financing arrangements with renewable power sources, Ameresco customers benefit from a reliable source of power that offers protection from volatile energy markets.

Ameresco and its customers have been honored by the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Energy and Frost & Sullivan for their renewable energy efforts.

“The SRS Biomass Cogeneration Facility supports the Department’s energy efficiency and sustainability goals, and with the success of this facility, it shows SRS is working to meet national challenges in strategic areas such as sustainability and clean energy.”

–Department of Energy Savannah River Site Biomass Cogeneration Facility Manager David Moody

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Case Studies

Daytime view of the Savannah River Site Biomass Cogeneration Facility with the biomass intake in the foreground

Department of Energy Savannah River Site Biomass Cogeneration Facility

Under the largest renewable-energy ESPC in U.S. history, Ameresco replaced coal-fired facilities with renewable, biomass cogeneration plants.

Aerial view shows solar panels on the roof of Sun Devils Stadium at Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Through a multi-phase partnership with Ameresco, ASU has already reduced its carbon footprint by 77,247 metric tons of CO2, a 23% reduction.

Daytime view of a portion of the riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Water System (SAWS)

A first of its kind project turned biofuel from sewage treatment into an energy source, contributing to an annual reduction of 19,739 tons of CO2.


2016 Smart Communities Energy Award

Environmental Initiative 2016 Sustainable Business Award

Renewable Energy World Excellence in Renewable Energy Award for Biomass Project of the Year

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