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Facilities Management

Facilities management is a vital link in the energy use chain. Simple changes to an energy management system, lighting equipment, maintenance procedures or building design can deliver significant energy savings annually. Changes to the ways that staff and tenants use a facility add to these savings.

Ameresco’s team of experienced energy efficiency engineers and technicians develops facility management solutions that consider every aspect of facility design and function, from skylights to water management and vending machines to cooling towers. We have helped universities, state governments and shopping mall developers take control of utility costs both in single buildings and across multiple sites. Ameresco develops maintenance and facility solutions that eliminate operational disruptions, fine-tunes energy management systems for optimal energy efficiency and implements training procedures that teach end users the important role they play in reaching energy use targets.

Our Independence Makes Us a Better Choice

At Ameresco, we believe that facilities management options should not be limited to equipment provided by a single vendor. As a fully independent energy services company (ESCO), Ameresco is uniquely positioned to source best-in-class solutions from the full spectrum of energy management system, energy equipment and appliance and lighting suppliers.

Government, commercial, industrial and institutional organizations that partner with Ameresco gain the benefits of our insight and expertise, as well as a single consultant that can develop and implement energy-efficient solutions from the supply chain straight through to the end user. That means less time spent managing contracts, vendors and projects, and robust end-to-end solutions that maximize energy savings.