Methane from biogas, a natural byproduct of sewage treatment, landfill and animal-waste facilities, is a ready source of renewable energy. Rather than burning this gas, which consumes energy and increases local emissions, commercial and government facilities can use this biogas as a form of energy for on- and off-site use as a renewable energy source elsewhere.

Ameresco brings the proven experience and expertise needed to help governments and private industry convert biogas from a cost center into an energy source. We can design, build, own, operate and maintain methane digester facilities and pipelines. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) and energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) can provide financing, making these energy infrastructure improvements budget-neutral. Our independence gives our customers full access to the latest technology available for biogas plants, allowing us to provide solutions that capture this wasted resource, use it beneficially to have a positive impact on the bottom line, meet exact budget and power needs, create local jobs and improve the environment.

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The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) in Bexar County, Texas, wanted to find a way to turn its waste water treatment facility into a model of efficiency and recycling. SAWS chose Ameresco to help it build the first sustainable biogas energy plant in the United States. A new biogas treatment plant turns 900,000 cubic feet of methane into usable gas that is piped to a commercial gas line, generating $200,000 in revenue for SAWS each year.

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Turning Animal Waste to Energy
A biogas digester can also be used to turn methane from agricultural waste management systems into fuel for generators or farm equipment, or a source of renewable energy that can be piped to local utilities. Depending on the size of the farm operation, local utility rates and the methods of waste storage and treatment, farms may be able to lower their energy costs or create an additional source of revenue.

AgSTAR, a joint venture of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is an outreach program designed to help agriculture facility operators understand the technology and determine if biogas is a viable source of energy. Ameresco can help agriculture customers understand what AgSTAR offers and navigate the financial assistance options, including federal grants, local utility incentives and power purchase agreements. With Ameresco AXIS™, we can also help large operations track and report their carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.


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