Ameresco AXIS Invoice Management

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    Carbon Management

    Whether it is mandatory GHG reporting, Kyoto Protocol compliance, supplier mandates or part of voluntary social corporate responsibility efforts, Ameresco has a carbon management program with emissions reporting that shows environmental performance and commitment to continued improvement.

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    ENERGY STAR® Reporting

    As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Ameresco works with its customers to assess how efficiently their facilities use energy relative to similar buildings nationwide, and to identify facilities that need improvement.

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    Energy Data Analysis

    With detailed usage/expense data, Ameresco AXIS® reports provide the foundation for statistical analysis and energy management efforts. Our analytical tools perform highly refined audits on each invoice to ensure data accuracy and optimize timing of bill payments.

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    Invoice Processing and Payment

    We have greatly simplified the cumbersome invoice-processing and payment process with the most advanced, international, multi-lingual, multiservice, multi-currency system available on the market at this time.

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Utility bill management is often viewed as a mandatory, time-consuming process that offers limited business benefits. Ameresco AXIS® Invoice Management eliminates this perception for commercial and industrial companies, government, and institutions by helping them to streamline this process and to identify new opportunities for energy and cost savings during utility bill processing that lower utility costs and reduce environmental impact.

As a secure web-based service, Ameresco AXIS is a complete solution for organizations juggling multiple invoices from repeatable bills, such as gas, electric, water, sewer, waste, communications and logistics; particularly in a distributed environment, such as a university campus or an enterprise with facilities spread across the United States. Ameresco AXIS offers comprehensive data reporting for each location in an organization and fully automates utility bill management and information capture, with advanced technology that provides faster access to accurate data.

The technology behind Ameresco AXIS reduces the risk of human error in utility-bill management, while providing the expertise and personal review of Ameresco's specialists in both the utility and energy management industries.

With the use of the Ameresco AXIS system, customers receive:

  • Web-based services with no additional software or hardware requirements
  • A multidimensional approach to audits, including both comparative and correlative analysis of each bill
  • Additional analytical support from an experienced account analyst who is assigned to your account
  • Service provider contact for resolution and/or clarification of bill anomalies
  • Data available for viewing and exporting within 24 hours from receipt of invoice

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