Landfill Gas

Traditionally, landfill gas has escaped into the atmosphere through the slow decomposition of waste, or the flaring of waste to expedite the process, contributing greatly to greenhouse gas emissions and local smog. Ameresco works as an intermediary between landfills, nearby facilities, local utilities and local governments to develop landfill gas-to energy (LFGTE) projects that capture this gas for electricity and heat, turning a harmful source of waste into a beneficial source of renewable energy.

We design, build, maintain and operate renewable energy plants for facilities near landfills. These renewable energy projects safely divert landfill gas through extraction wells and pipe it to a landfill-gas-to-energy plant, where it is cleaned before specialized engines convert it to energy for use by the facility and, in many cases, the nearby community.

With landfill gas-to-energy projects, Ameresco creates a mutually beneficial relationship between all parties involved.

  • Facility Managers: Generate a steady supply of low-cost renewable energy that can power and heat much of their facility
  • Landfill Operators: Safely and efficiently remove waste in a clean manner and gain additional revenue streams from landfill operations
  • Local Government and Community: Dramatically reduce smog and landfill odor while diversifying electric procurement options
  • Local Utilities: Purchase wholesale energy from the plant

Jefferson City's landfill-gas-to-energy plant


Ameresco designed, built, owns and operates a landfill gas-to-energy project between the Jefferson City Landfill and Jefferson City Correctional Center that produces 3.2 megawatts of clean energy and provides electricity to 2,000 utility customers. The captured landfill gas reduces greenhouse-gas emissions equivalent to the removal of almost 28,000 vehicles each year from Missouri’s roads.


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