Solar Power World – Contractors Corner: Ameresco

As a comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions company, Ameresco is dedicated to meeting its clients’ energy needs. From school districts to municipalities to healthcare customers, the company approaches each portfolio holistically to ensure load is reduced before suggesting distributed generation options.

In this episode of the Contractors Corner podcast, Solar Power World editor-in-chief Kelly Pickerel talks with Dave Anderson, EVP and co-founder of Ameresco, about the company’s beginnings 20 years ago and how solar is just one piece of its energy solution puzzle.

A portion of the interview is below, but be sure to listen to the full podcast for even more insight, including more about how customer needs have changed during COVID, how Ameresco approaches energy storage and international plans for the U.S. company.

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How do you approach solar plans for multi-location clients?

approach it primarily from a comprehensive perspective. We want to understand the district as a whole, how it uses its energy, what that energy cost is associated with that consumption and identify what systems can be retrofitted to provide newer innovative infrastructure to reduce their load. Once the load is reduced, we have a better understanding of what their requirements are, and then we try to couple solar or renewable solutions to that. That’s not to say that we don’t do standalone solar with some of those districts. We do. But many school districts have aging infrastructure and they have deferred maintenance where they were just never really able to address all those needs. We try to take a holistic approach to reduce their consumption first with new efficient innovative technology and then apply distributed generation solar to those solutions.

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By: Kelly Pickerel