Boston Housing Authority Chooses Ameresco For Conservation Project

Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has chosen Ameresco subsidiary company, Citizens Conservation Services, for a water and energy conservation project that could save itself $5 million each year. The project includes water and energy upgrades for 5,000 apartment units in 15 family and elderly/disabled developments in Boston.

“We applaud the BHA for its efforts to control energy use,” said Steve Morgan, president of Citizens Conservation Services. “These measures not only ensure energy efficiency, but will enhance the health and well-being of the thousands of occupants.”

After an audit to determine which upgrades are most necessary, changes could include replacing water closets, showerheads and faucet aerators, consolidating electric meters, installing energy efficient lighting, converting electric heat to gas, upgrading or replacing old central heating plants and installing co-generation and renewable energy systems. Citizens will also work in conjunction with the BHA to review health issues such as air ventilation, presence of mold, and pest infiltration as conservation measures are implemented.

The 12-year projected savings for the BHA is $60 million.


Ameresco: CarolAnn Hibbard, 508-661-2264, [email protected]