Ameresco To Build Renewable Energy Generation Plant

Framingham, MA- George P. Sakellaris, President and CEO of Ameresco, today announced that they will design, build and operate an environmentally friendly Energy Generation plant on the Janesville, Wisconsin landfill.

The City of Janesville has operated the present landfill since 1985. Landfill Gas at the facility has been collected and destructed since 1996. This project creates a beneficial use for this energy and will include the present site and all future landfill expansion areas for the next twenty years. The energy generated from the methane gas will be delivered to Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin Power and Light (WP&L) under a long-term agreement. By recycling methane gas, Ameresco and Alliant Energy/WP&L will be able to improve local air quality by lowering regional emissions of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide).

“Landfill gas represents an important source of renewable energy,” said JP Brummond, Lead Energy Portfolio Services Engineer of Alliant Energy/WP&L. “With an initial rating of over three megawatts, this power generating facility will convert a significant amount of otherwise wasted landfill gas into a reliable source of energy for our customers.”

“Creating a beneficial use for its landfill gas has been a long term goal of the City of Janesville. This project makes that goal a reality, provides the City an additional revenue source and allows the City to partner with its local energy supplier, Alliant Energy and project developer Ameresco.” said Larry Buetzer, City of Janesville Senior Engineer.

Ameresco CEO Sakellaris said, “This project will yield significant amounts of clean energy, resulting in cleaner, healthier air for everyone to breathe. We are excited to support Alliant Energy/WP&L in meeting its energy and environmental goals through this proven renewable energy approach.”
According to Ameresco Vice President Michael T. Bakas, “This project is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to removing 26,400 cars from the roads or planting 36,000 acres of forest. We are excited to add another great renewable energy project to Ameresco’s portfolio of assets.”

The Generation Plant is expected to be complete by the summer of 2004.


Ameresco: CarolAnn Hibbard, 508-661-2264, [email protected]