University Medical Center Partners with Ameresco on Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Guaranteed Savings

FRAMINGHAM, MA and LAS VEGAS, NV – April 19, 2012 – Ameresco, Inc. (NYSE:AMRC), a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company, announced today that it has signed and started construction on an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) with the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada (UMC).  Ameresco will install over $4.5 million of energy efficiency improvements at UMC.  UMC anticipates that these energy efficiency improvements will save them over $200,000 annually while also addressing critical infrastructure needs.  The project is expected to be completed in early 2013.

UMC is Nevada’s only public hospital and Level 1 trauma center that is equipped to handle any level of trauma severity with operating rooms ready at all times. Like many other public entities in the area hit hard by the economy and shrinking tax base, UMC must be very careful with how it spends its diminished budget and still address aging equipment.

Energy efficiency is a way for the hospital to quickly reduce both energy and maintenance costs.  The ESPC model gave UMC an assurance that the improvements will have a guaranteed minimum savings.  The infrastructure improvements are expected to increase efficiency and lifespan of the equipment, thereby avoiding any potential unexpected equipment failures from deferred maintenance.

“The ESPC model allows us to make a variety of critically needed infrastructure improvements with guaranteed energy savings.  We are expected to benefit from energy and maintenance savings as soon as the projects are completed,” said Cindi Roehr, associate administrator at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.  “The advantage of working with Ameresco is that they can perform multiple projects at one time.  It would take years to do these projects individually and would cost a lot more in time and money.”

UMC’s contract with Ameresco includes replacing old equipment that has reached the end of its useful life, some original to the building, with new efficient equipment and systems.  These improvements include new lighting systems and controls, condenser pumps, variable frequency drives, server room cooling systems, boilers and air handler units across the hospital’s 975,624-square-foot footprint.

“Ameresco is pleased to work with UMC on a project that will have long-term benefits for the hospital, patients, residents and visitors to the region,” said Robert Georgeoff, vice president at Ameresco.  “Currently, our teams are working closely with the hospital to coordinate installation without adversely affecting the patients or staff in the hospital.  We look forward to delivering a successful project.”

With Ameresco implementing these energy conservation measures, UMC is expected to reduce its carbon footprint by over 600 metric tons of CO2 annually. The reduction is equivalent to removing 118 cars from the road or powering 161 homes with clean, renewable energy per year.  Additional benefits of Ameresco’s energy conservation measures include reducing UMC’s operation and maintenance costs by over $28,000 annually, as well as the potential to receive a rebate of over $65,000 from NV Energy’s incentive program.

In addition to its work with UMC, Ameresco has a solid track record of energy efficiency projects with hospitals and healthcare facilities located throughout North America.  Because hospitals and healthcare facilities typically use more than twice as much energy per square foot as office buildings, these facilities are usually good candidates for energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits.  As part of a budget-neutral ESPC, Ameresco can modernize a single facility or provide comprehensive campus-wide energy management systems, built from best-in-class energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions and financed entirely with future savings from energy conservation.

About Ameresco, Inc.
Founded in 2000, Ameresco, Inc. (NYSE:AMRC) is a leading independent provider of comprehensive services, energy efficiency, infrastructure upgrades and renewable energy solutions for facilities throughout North America. Ameresco’s services include upgrades to a facility’s energy infrastructure and the development, construction and operation of renewable energy plants. Ameresco has successfully completed energy saving, environmentally responsible projects with federal, state and local governments, healthcare and educational institutions, housing authorities and commercial and industrial customers. With its corporate headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts, Ameresco provides local expertise through its 63 offices in 34 states and 5 Canadian provinces. Ameresco has more than 900 employees. For more information, visit

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