Renewable Energy World – So you want to be a smart city? There’s one surefire way to get started

There comes a point in every city’s life when it thinks to itself: it’s time for a change.

And since municipalities can’t buy convertibles or pick up parasailing, there’s one obvious starting point for transitioning into a so-called smart city- converting to smart LED streetlights.

It’s happening all across the country; Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. Memphis, Seattle, and Washington D.C. are just some of the metropolises (wow that’s a fun word) that have transitioned to LEDs or are in the process of doing so.

It’s a pain-in-the-butt process, but one that lends itself to quick dividends. A prompt return on investment, tangible energy savings, and increased public safety are among the benefits; and there’s no embarrassing starting point for the process, no matter how big your city is.

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