PV Magazine – Floating solar to power Utah water treatment plant

One of the most advantageous features of solar is its ability to be built in a variety of configurations and locations, from large plots of land to rooftops, parking canopies, mobile devices, and even floating on the surface of a body of water.

In Utah, Mountain Regional Water, a water treatment plant, has taken advantage of this flexibility of design, tapping Ameresco to design and install a 589.7 kWDC floating solar array on its Signal Hill facility.

The project is expected to offset 92% of the energy consumed from the grid and reduce the district’s energy costs by 80%. The new floating solar array system is designed to produce 887,712 kilowatt-hours of solar energy annually.

“Traditional ground or rooftop solar wasn’t an option for us at this facility, but this innovative floating solar installation makes use of an untapped resource,” said Chris Braun, Mountain Regional chief technology officer. “This is one more piece of the puzzle for us get to a ‘Net-Zero’ energy goal as we strive to be responsible stewards for the community and the environment.”

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