Cities Today – Public safety data guides Philadelphia’s city-wide streetlight upgrade

Work is underway to replace 130,000 streetlights with LEDs in Philadelphia and connect them to a lighting management system.

The US$91 million project is expected to reduce streetlighting energy use by more than 50 percent and cut municipal carbon emissions by more than nine percent, while also boosting safety.

It is the largest energy conservation project the city has undertaken.

“As we move towards a resilient and climate-ready Philadelphia, the Philly Streetlight Improvement Project exemplifies the win-win infrastructure investments the city needs,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “LED streetlights will enhance the quality of life for all Philadelphians by providing better, more reliable lighting. It will also help us advance toward our city’s goals for Vision Zero, by providing better visibility to reduce traffic crashes, as well as ensure our continued progress toward meeting our 2030 energy and climate goals.”

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