Chief Executive Magazine – November/December 2019

Back to Schools
By: Dale Buss

“Some companies capitalize on commercial relationships with schools. Ameresco, a provider of green-energy systems to schools and other large buildings, has supplied a curriculum and instructional “solar carts” to two schools in Hamilton, Indiana, to help teach about renewable resources. The [Framingham, MA]-based company gets to dangle future-career possibilities in front of hundreds of impressionable young minds, engaging them with exercises such as calculating the output of the solar-energy panels that power their schools, based on the position of the sun.

‘When they graduate, many of these kids will want to come back and work for us,’ says Ameresco CEO George Sakellaris. ‘And they can be productive right away, especially if we put them through our co-op program.'”

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Chief Executive Magazine

October 15, 2019