Microgrid Knowledge – Microgrid Leaders Issue Call to Action: Time to Level the Playing Field

Opportunities abound for microgrids in the US. But development lags frustrate microgrid adoption. As a result, too many businesses and communities continue to struggle — unnecessarily — with power outages.

What’s the problem and what can the microgrid community do to overcome it?

Since people often leave conferences inspired, but not knowing what to do with their inspiration, Microgrid Knowledge asked industry leaders to offer a call to action at the close of last week’s Microgrid 2020 Global.

What blocks microgrids and why?

One obstruction is archaic rules and regulations, conceived long before technology advancements that give businesses and consumers more control over their energy supply, a key benefit of microgrids. Many of these obstructions involve utility requirements, rate structures, and territorial restrictions.

“The crown jewel for the utility has always been…their exclusive franchise territory,” said Michael Bakas, executive vice president, Ameresco.

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Microgrid Knowledge
By: Elisa Wood