Microgrid Knowledge – How microgrids can boost economic development for a community and its residents

Jim Fonger, vice president of asset and advanced technology development for Ameresco, outlines how microgrids create local jobs and bolster local economies.

When we talk about a community microgrid, we typically mean a larger scale project that benefits an entire community, not just a single customer or building. A community microgrid could be owned and operated by the community itself, by an integrator like Ameresco, or even by an innovative and forward-thinking utility.

Much has been written about the benefits that renewable microgrids bring to communities in terms of resiliency and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions, and while generating clean, reliable energy is a great reason to invest in a community microgrid, it’s not the only one that should be considered. Microgrids also offer broader economic benefits that can position a community for long-term growth and economic development.

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