Energy Central – How will Energy Efficiency Impact Facility Management?

Buildings account for more that 40% of energy consumption in Europe and the United States.  Cleantech integrator companies like Ameresco, Inc., believe facilities management is a vital link in the energy use chain.  Energy efficiency in businesses is crucial.  Simple changes can reduce annual consumption drastically.

In Europe, energy efficiency is assessed based on modeling and energy simulations but there is a need for more analysis regarding the actual energy consumption of a building.  “In response, Skanska and our partners, Go4Energy and Cushman & Wakefield, have put together a comparative analysis covering a number of buildings in the Polish office market, looking at them in terms of their features, age and environmental specification,” explains Waldemar Olbryk, Director for Support Functions at Skanska.

The study, “Energy consumption in office buildings” conducted by Skanska, Go4Energy and Cushman & Wakefield, in Poland, is beginning to shed light on the issue.  “In recent years, we have been gathering a great deal of data on how our buildings perform,” said Waldemar Olbryk, Director for Support Functions at Skanska. “In order to test the efficacy of our designs and their functionality, it was necessary to compare the operation of our buildings with other office buildings in Poland. But we found that no comparative analyses of this type existed.”

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Nevelyn Black

Energy Central