CleanTechnica – How Important Is “The Mission” In HR Recruiting?

An Interview With Ameresco’s SVP of HR

Recruiting can be thought of as a two way street. How important is it to love the work you’re doing? How important is it that your values align with those of your employer? Trends certainly seem to indicate more people are finding work with purpose, oftentimes eschewing slightly higher pay in favor of feeling good about your work.

I know as an entrepreneur that *every* employee we’ve ever had has come to us because of the eco-mission. It’s the main reason I would say that our company has thrived, more than compensating for some challenges inherent in trying to always “doing the right thing” in our business. Recently, I had a chance to interview Lauren Todd, Senior VP of HR at Ameresco, one of the leading energy efficiency providers in the US, to talk about recruiting great talent by leading with the company mission to make the world a better place by eliminating fossil fuel use.

CleanTechnica: How much influence does Ameresco’s mission have in recruiting a qualified and loyal workforce? 

Above all, our mission, vision and values are the most critical. Throughout the entire interview process, we take the time to really get to know our candidates. If they don’t live and breathe Ameresco’s mission, vision and values, we ultimately can’t make an offer.

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