City of Henderson Partners with Ameresco to Reduce Energy Costs and Environmental Impact while Saving Just Over $2 Million Annually

Four-year project reduces emissions equivalent to removing 3,045 cars from the road

Framingham, MA – January 27, 2011 –  Ameresco, Inc. (NYSE:AMRC), a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company, will soon complete the final phase of energy efficiency work under a multi-phase energy savings performance contract (ESPC) for the City of Henderson, NV that is expected to save the city just over $2 million annually in energy costs over the term of the contract, while also significantly reducing the city’s emissions.

“Implementing energy-saving programs that help preserve our community’s natural resources for future generations is a key component of our vision to be America’s Premier Community,” said City of Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen. “We trust that by taking a leadership role, we can foster an ethic of conservation and resource stewardship throughout our community.”

“Over the course of the last four years, we have developed a great working relationship with the City of Henderson,” said David J. Anderson, Executive Vice President, Ameresco. “This multi-phase project is a clear demonstration of how a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency can deliver significant savings and environmental benefits. It’s truly exciting to partner with a community that is committed to effective use of its energy resources and environmental stewardship.”

Named the fastest growing city in the U.S. by the Census Bureau in 2003, the City of Henderson contracted with Ameresco to help reduce energy costs city-wide. Ameresco used a combination of energy conservation and operational savings measures to achieve savings with appropriate energy planning strategies, retrofits and equipment replacements.

Ameresco began working with the City in 2006 on the first phase of energy efficiency measures, and is scheduled to complete the third and final phase in the first quarter of 2011. Upon completion of the final phase, annual savings to the city are expected to be just over $2 million, with anticipated emission reductions the environmental equivalent of removing 3,045 cars from the road or powering 2,253 houses a year.

The first phase of construction began in July 2006, and was completed in May 2007. The focus was on the Robert A. Swadell Justice Facility and city traffic signals. Improvements included traffic signal LED and control upgrades in 64 intersections, energy management control system upgrades, computer control power management software installation, boiler replacement and efficiency improvements, exterior lighting replacement, and plumbing maintenance improvements. The improvements are delivering approximately 26% energy savings at the Robert A. Swadell Justice Facility, and 79% from traffic signals and computers installed city-wide. This provided a guaranteed annual savings of $264,277.

Phase Two was completed at the Whitney Ranch Recreation Center. The project included improvements to the pool heating system. Outdated boilers were replaced with heat-pumps and variable frequency drives were added to the pumping system.

Phase Three construction began in March 2009, and addressed city-wide improvements. Measures include retrofitting or replacing over 4,000 building lighting fixtures, installing over 1,500 lighting occupancy sensors, installing or upgrading an energy management control system in eight facilities, replacing 15 boilers in six facilities, replacing chillers in two facilities, and retrofitting more than 310 plumbing fixtures. Additionally, UV water treatment was installed at two facilities with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a third facility which has an outdoor splash pad.

This final phase also includes retrofitting up to 28,000 streetlights with induction lighting technology. The induction lighting is expected to reduce energy consumption of the systems by 30% to 60% depending on type of light fixture, and increase the lamp life by nearly four times current life expectancy. The new lighting also reduces light pollution into the night sky, making the City of Henderson a more comfortable place to live. The lighting upgrade is expected to generate 11,853,788 kW hours in electrical savings, which equates to $840,580 annually.

The projected savings from Phase Three is expected to be 18% city-wide, which is $1,714,586 annually. The savings for this phase of the project supports the project cost of $18,540,454.

Additional Phase Three projects include installing two 30kW photovoltaic arrays, providing rooftop HVAC replacements, and an energy management system at the Emergency Services Facility (ESF).

About Ameresco, Inc.
Ameresco, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware in April 2000 and is a leading independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for facilities throughout North America.  Ameresco’s solutions include upgrades to a facility’s energy infrastructure, and the development, construction, and operation of renewable energy plants.  With corporate headquarters located in Framingham, MA, Ameresco has 55 offices in 29 states and four Canadian provinces.  For more information, visit

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