Energy Infrastructure

  • Solar panels mounted on a concrete pole outside a building

    Asset Monetization

    Use Ameresco energy facility management services to lower the overall cost of energy generation, or find ways to turn existing assets into new sources of energy and potential revenue.

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  • Jefferson Cityl landfill cogeneration plant


    Maximize the potential of energy generating equipment and reduce overall energy costs with cogeneration and trigeneration energy infrastructure upgrades that produce power, heat and hot water in a single facility.

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  • Jenbacher power generation system

    Distributed Generation

    Supplement existing on-grid power with on-site off-grid power, or tap nearby renewable energy resources to meet energy needs. Move power generation closer to facilities, reduce costs and increase energy security.

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  • An executive surveys a warehouse

    Facilities Management

    Reduce risks and below-line operating costs by having Ameresco manage, operate and maintain energy plants and infrastructure.

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  • A central heating and cooling plant

    Plant Rehabilitation

    Increase the efficiency and lower the operating costs of energy plants with efficient retrofits, or convert a plant completely from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

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"This project is an example of PWD's commitment to develop waste recovery programs at all of our facilities as part of our pledge to be a sustainable and cost-conscious utility."

--Philadelphia Water Commissioner Howard Neukrug

From renewable energy plants that surpass federal and state government efficiency guidelines to energy efficient retrofits, energy management system enhancements and cogeneration systems, Ameresco has a breadth and depth of solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and government customers. Our team of experienced energy specialists has designed, built, operated and maintained power plants and energy assets. We can create plants that use traditional fuel sources as well as renewable energy plants powered by biomass, geothermal, wind and hydroelectric fuels.

Ameresco considers every aspect of an organization's energy, heating, cooling and water needs, finding efficiencies and delivering budget-neutral energy infrastructure improvements that use annual utility savings to provide the capital needed for critical upgrades. Energy management system enhancements and retrofits can be phased in, allowing operations to continue without interruption as infrastructure is modified or replaced.

Concept art of a quill casting a shadow across the United States Constitution


America's most precious documents are now protected with help from Ameresco. Chiller and heater optimization, air handling unit re-balancing, energy management control system upgrades and lighting upgrades will save NARA $1.8 million annually, and they will preserve U.S. history by providing a cooler climate for fragile documents.

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Renewable Energy Plants
An upgraded energy management system and retrofits of existing energy infrastructure can yield real benefits to government, educational, industrial and institutional enterprises, but the greatest benefits are realized when renewable energy plants form the backbone of independent energy delivery systems.

Wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and solar systems tap zero-cost, always-available sources of power, eliminating the risk and volatility associated with fossil fuel sources. Biomass and landfill-gas-to-energy are low-cost, domestically sourced fuel solutions that generate local jobs and minimize monthly price volatility. Through a combination of energy savings, government grants and utility company incentives, renewable energy plants can be built with no up-front costs.

Choosing renewable fuel sources does more than simply lower energy bills and stabilize energy supplies; it establishes enterprises as concerned and caring members of the community that are committed to environmental stewardship and healthy surroundings for their employees, customers, constituents and neighbors. Goodwill grows as energy costs decline, providing measurable benefits to the bottom line.