• White Paper: Driving Resiliency Through Your Energy Infrastructure

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Free White Paper: Driving Energy Resilience Through Your Energy Infrastructure

Explore ways in which municipalities, federal agencies, healthcare facilities, and private sector companies can leverage their energy infrastructure to improve energy resilience and minimize the adverse impacts of major events.

To date, much of the interest in energy resilience has been limited to a few key sectors; however, as addressed throughout this white paper, a wide range of organizations, public and private, are beginning to understand that they can use their energy infrastructure to become more resilient in budget-sensitive ways.

A smart approach to resilience integrates innovative technological solutions, contracting structures, and participation in broader energy markets. Organizations can become more resilient within their existing capital and operating budgets for energy and infrastructure and achieve success with their long-term missions and values.

The cover of Ameresco's free Energy Resilience white paper: Driving Resiliency Through Your Organization's Energy InfrastructureLearn more about:

  • An Introduction to Energy Resilience
  • Resiliency as an Approach for Risk Mitigation
  • Technologies Delivering Resilience Benefits
  • Evaluating Investments in Resilience Technology
  • Case Studies


Energy Resilience by the Numbers


Electrical grid disturbances in the United States in 2018 (up from 23 in 2002)


Annual U.S. business losses due to power outages


Annual energy savings at Parris Island from Ameresco efficiency measures and microgrid