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Asset Planning Solutons

Ameresco Asset Sustainability Group (AASG) is a leading sustainability partner providing financial solutions and alternative funding strategies to manage risk associated with an aging infrastructure.

AASG provides asset management solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors, including school boards, post-secondary schools, municipalities, public housing, healthcare, hospitality, property management, and commercial/retail.

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Our solutions specialize in financial planning and optimization of infrastructure portfolios through software and advisory services.

Our advisory services include demographic forecasting to policy planning to financial business cases, our advisory team provides complete portfolio planning services. Our Capital Creation Strategies have helped our clients raise over $10B for their infrastructure needs.

Our proprietary AssetPlanner™ Software Suite, allows our clients to review and prioritize the risk management criteria to identify the most important renewal and replacement projects for our clients. AssetPlanner™ provides clients the capability to organize their infrastructure data to provide robust reporting and analytical tools to optimize their capital planning, operations, facility management, energy management and software solutions.

Via our AssetPlanner™ Software Suite, clients have been able to realize over $2B in capital savings to help renew their infrastructure portfolios.