Local Government

  • Five Henderson city officials break ground on a project

    City of Henderson

    Ameresco is currently working with the City of Henderson in Nevada to retrofit up to 26,000 streetlights with induction lighting technology to reduce energy consumption by 65%.

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  • Fall River City Hall

    City of Fall River

    Energy efficient retrofits and new solar power generation will provide nearly 12.7 million kWh of energy savings over Fall River's contract term.

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  • Photograph of Gallipolis city seal mounted on a brick wall

    City of Gallipolis

    For 16 years, officials grappled with infiltration and infusion problems with city water supplies. An ESPC provided a budget-neutral solution for water infrastructure improvements.

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  • Lowell City Hall

    City of Lowell

    Turning municipal real estate into a source of energy, Ameresco helped the City of Lowell stabilize energy prices for 20 years through a power purchase agreement and solar panels installed on rooftops.

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  • Solar panels on top of a school building in Natick

    Town of Natick

    Through a photovoltaic power purchase agreement (PPA), the Town of Natick can purchase renewable solar energy at a lower price than it previously paid to its electric utility. 

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  • Emmonok City Hall

    City of Emmonok

    Energy efficiency upgrades, including weather stripping and HVAC upgrades, combined with a custom-developed training program, helped the City of Emmanok reduce its annual energy consumption by more than 1.7 million kWh.

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More than $10 billion is spent annually on community energy projects and services by state and local governments, according to the EPA, yet up to one-third of the energy used to run the average government building can still be conserved. While the benefits of further efficiency are obvious, local governments struggle with limited funding to retrofit government buildings or implement community renewable energy projects. Gaining the approval of constituents when their tax money or living conditions are at stake presents additional challenges.

"We need domestic energy production. This is a great example of taking waste and creating power from it. I applaud the efforts of Butte County and their project partner, Ameresco, for creating energy and local jobs here in this community."


--Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Ameresco is an independent energy services provider and energy efficiency company with deep experience and expertise in the technical and financial aspects of community energy projects. We have a long history of building mutually beneficial relationships between local governments, their constituents and utility companies.

Through an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), we can upgrade, replace, operate and maintain energy equipment at government facilities to meet or exceed energy efficiency improvements required by federal and state regulations. Additionally, Ameresco can overcome the obstacles inherent in launching community renewable energy projects by taking ownership of new renewable power sources, such as landfill-gas-to-energy plants and solar arrays, which produce consistent, low-cost energy supplies that dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ameresco provides a comprehensive range of energy services to state and local governments.

  • Upgrade or renew facilities with no up-front cost
  • Minimize energy risk and fuel price volatility
  • Use ESPCs to finance federal energy efficiency projects
  • Increase occupant comfort
  • Reduce energy consumption and operating costs
  • Capture opportunities created by deregulation, such as bulk purchasing of commodities and real-time pricing strategies
  • Mitigate energy-related risks and costs
  • Implement renewable or new energy strategies such as distributed generation, cogeneration, electric-to-gas conversions, geothermal heat pumps, landfill reclamation, etc.


City of Lowell War Memorial with Lowell City Hall in the background


What began as a desire to replace outdated equipment and improve environmental sustainability turned into an opportunity to locate additional revenue for the City of Lowell.

Through an energy savings performance contract (ESPC), Ameresco developed budget-neutral ways for the city to replace existing infrastructure and modernize its buildings, including the installation of photovoltaic arrays on several municipal properties. The city will save more than $1.5 million annually on energy costs, and some of that money has been used to hire a new City Energy Manager.

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