What Electrification of Transportation and Buildings Means to Microgrids: Interview

The energy industry is poised for what some describe as a sizable investment shift. Oil and gas lose, and power wins with the growing electrification of transportation and buildings. So what does this mean for microgrids?

Mark Feasel, vice president of smart grid, Schneider Electric, offered insight in a recent interview leading up to Microgrid 2019, where Feasel will be a featured panelist.

Electricity use is on the rise. Despite massive infusions of energy efficiency, demand for power grew 4% last year, its fastest pace since 2010 when it received a jolt as the global economy recovered from the financial crisis.

And that’s just the start, given long-term growth expected as the world increasingly uses electricity to run cars and heat and cool buildings. A federal study sees potential in the US for an “unprecedented” rise in electricity use from 2016–2050 — 80 TWh/year compared with 50–55 TWh/year over the prior 34 years.

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