Vermilion County First – Ameresco EVP Says “Let’s Use What’s Already in the Air” for the Natural Gas we Need

If you head south on Routes 1 and 150 just past I-74, and turn east at the Family Dollar Store, you’ll be heading right towards Republic Services’ Brickyard Landfill.  And a new plant now in operation there by Ameresco is at work turning landfill gas into renewable natural gas.

Ameresco Executive Vice-President Michael Bakas says he very much agrees with Republic Services’ long-term sustainability goal to beneficially reuse 50% more biogas by the year 2030.  Right now, Ameresco’s Brickyard Landfill Renewable Natural Gas plant is capturing the natural landfill gas and turning in into a low-carbon transportation fuel.  The idea to to displace diesel vehicle fuel, with enough fuel produced by this facility alone to reduce over 27,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Bakas says as far as he’s concerned, even beyond when it comes to vehicles already using CNG, compressed natural gas; renewable landfill gas should be the goal of the future.  And a simple reason for that is; to get more regular natural gas, you have to drill.  But landfill gas is already there, going right into our atmosphere.  So let’s put it to work.

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