Trends in Microgrids and Energy Storage

A microgrid is a local energy grid with control capability. It can be connected to the grid or not, but it has the ability to be disconnected to the grid and operate independently. By its very definition, it works well with energy storage, and due to the decreasing cost of energy storage, microgrids with battery storage are becoming much more commonplace.

Some uses for microgrids are rural communities, military bases, farms, telecommunication centers, healthcare centers, hospitals and more. An example of a microgrid installation is the military base in San Antonio, Texas (US), which was installed by Ameresco. Energy that powers the microgrid comes from solar as well as gas-fired generators, all of which are connected to a battery backup system. In the event of a power outage, the microgrid can become an island via its control system, and provide off-grid power to the facility.

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Anne Fischer, April 22 2019