Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital turns to solar panels to power 40% of its electricity

Sutter Santa Rosa (Calif.) Regional Hospital on June 17 turned on its carport solar panels that have been installed on its main parking lot and the rooftop of its facility that houses families, according to the North Bay Business Journal.

The 4,627 solar panels will power 40 percent of the main hospital’s electricity, Shaun Ralston, regional manager at Sutter Health, said. Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital’s solar panels are expected to generate 2.4 million kilowatt hours of energy annually, which equals powering 206 homes.

Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital already produces 45 percent of its electricity through fuel-cell technology. With the new solar panels, the hospital will generate 85 percent of its power on-site, Mr. Ralston said.

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Mackenzie Garrity, June 17th 2019