Smart Energy Decisions – Cannon Air Force Base Completes $19M Contract for Energy Upgrades

Cannon Air Force Base expects to save $1.1 million in energy costs in the first year following the completion of efficiency and renewable energy upgrades being planned for the New Mexico base.

Ameresco will be completing the upgrades for the base and the Defense Logistics Agency Energy through a $19 million Energy Savings Performance Contract. The project will include 1.9 MW of solar generation capacity, smart controls and other energy-saving technology.

The upgrades should reduce the base’s utility costs and convert 4% of its energy use to onsite renewables. Other improvements include upgrades to existing transformers, direct digital controls, HVAC equipment and LED lighting retrofits.

In addition to the $1.1 the base expects to save in the first year, it should also save $33 million in costs over the course of the performance period.

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