PV Magazine – Fort Detrick adds energy storage to solar installation in support of Army’s resiliency goals

In 2016, Fort Detrick, in Frederick, Maryland, was home to one of the largest solar installations on the East Coast. Soon the original 18.6 MW installation will be supplemented with a 6 MW/h energy storage system. Ameresco owns and operates the plant and has been supplying electricity generated to the US Army under a 25-year power purchase agreement, which at the time was expected to meet around 12% of Fort Detrick’s annual electric demand.

LS Energy Solutions (LS-ES) has contracted with Ameresco to supply the AiON-ESS energy storage system for the solar project to help further lower the garrison’s total electricity spend, achieved through participation in frequency regulation, demand response, and energy supply markets within PJM, a wholesale electricity market. The storage system will be microgrid-ready to support Army’s resiliency goals.

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