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Leila Dillon

Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications

Leila Dillon Portrait

Ms. Leila Dillon is Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications at Ameresco, a leading cleantech integrator focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. Ms. Dillon has more than 20 years of experience in leading corporate marketing and communications, investor relations, partner strategy, lead generation and business development initiatives for industry leading global technology companies.

In her role, Ms. Dillon is responsible for strategic initiatives that amplify Ameresco’s market leadership position, driving external communications programs including media and public relations and shaping internal corporate communications and training programs. She guides the development of corporate lead and demand generation programs to drive business opportunities across the organization. Ms. Dillon is a key strategist on the executive team and is actively involved in the company’s investor relations.

Recognizing the prominence of ESG initiatives within Ameresco’s core mission, vision, and values, Ms. Dillon worked to launch Ameresco’s ESG Ambassadors in 2020. This group spearheaded the company’s first ESG report, “Doing Well by Doing Good” and continues to serve as the driving force behind Ameresco’s ESG initiatives. Serving as an ESG Ambassador herself, Ms. Dillon is responsible for identifying, communicating, and reporting on the many ways ESG is embedded in Ameresco’s culture.

Additionally, Ms. Dillon participates in strategic industry initiatives and technology conferences. She has chaired global buildings & infrastructure programs, and led international plenary sessions on women leadership in IoT, Smart City, SaaS, PaaS, EaaS, and multi-purposed smart infrastructure platforms.

Prior to joining Ameresco, Ms. Dillon served as Vice President Marketing and North American Distribution for Bigbelly, Inc., a leading provider of Smart City, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart waste management solutions.

With a core focus in Clean Technology, Energy Solutions, Renewables, Distributed Energy Generation, IoT, Smart City, Cloud, Mobile and Telecommunications, Ms. Dillon is a recognized leader for women in technology.