NAESCO – Executive Q&A: George Sakellaris, Ameresco

1. What have been the biggest industry shifts you have seen since founding Ameresco in 2000?

There are the obvious shifts in technological advancements within the industry that have really changed the game for how and what our solutions entail. Technologies that were not economically viable 20 years ago are now the bedrock of many of our guaranteed savings solutions, such as LED lighting, solar and now microgrid and battery storage technologies. More subtle shifts have taken place in the minds of those purchasing energy solutions. Climate change and sustainability awareness are a larger part of the conversation for public and private sector customers.

2. How have you continued to lead Ameresco in such a visionary manner? You’ve been ahead of the curve when it comes to so many different energy trends — how do you forecast these trends?

I still use “The Art of Management” by Peter Drucker as a reference. It says that what is most important is not what you are doing today, but what you will be doing tomorrow. That’s how I spend most of my time – thinking about what we’ll be doing tomorrow. I challenge everyone in my organization to read it in order to see what’s happening in the marketplace and adapt to how it is evolving.

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