Military.comCoast Guard Academy Completes Project to Cut Down Energy Consumption by Nearly 50%

NEW LONDON — The Coast Guard Academy has completed a major project to reduce its overall energy consumption by nearly 50% and save more than $2 million in energy costs annually.

The academy partnered with energy companies Eversource and Ameresco on the largest energy savings project in the history of the Coast Guard, which resulted in $39 million in capital improvements to the 87-year-old campus, such as replacing an oil-fired boiler with a natural gas plant and installing solar panels and new light fixtures.

“It is what you do not see that counts,” Rear Adm. Bill Kelly, superintendent of the academy, said Thursday at an event marking the completion of the project, indicating most of the improvements are not in plain sight.

When the project started two years ago, the academy was the third largest consumer of energy within the Coast Guard. Now, it’s out of the top 10.

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By Julia Bergman