Microgrid Knowledge – Sustainability as a Driver for Microgrids: It’s Real

Ask almost any microgrid developer why customers choose to install microgrids and they’ll cite three main reasons: electric reliability, cost reduction and sustainability.

The third, sustainability, is sometimes viewed as a bit squishy, perhaps not easy to quantify. Or as Lux Research put it in a new report released today:

The word is on everyone’s lips, but when it comes out, it still can provoke an eye roll or a skeptically arched eyebrow. There seems to be a general consensus about its importance, but it can still evoke impressions of naïvely idealistic activism, or of cynical corporate “greenwashing” campaigns that amounted to a lot of marketing and little substance. 

But the skepticism is waning as a range stakeholders — shareholders, consumers and employees — embrace sustainability, according to Lux Research.

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By Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge 



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