Houston Chronicle – Smart Water Meter Project Continues in Woodlands

As the year winds down, there are still some various events, projects and development activities going on throughout The Woodlands and south Montgomery County.

Smart water meter project

Jim Stinson, the general manager of The Woodlands Water Agency, said the ongoing installation of new smart water meters throughout The Woodlands has been going as planned with good progress on the project.

“It is well underway, we are having weekly progress meetings with our contractor and vendor and updating our website. There is a whole wealth of information on the website,” Stinson said. “We have covered just about all of Harper’s Landing, most of Grogan’s Point and we are working in (the village of) Panther Creek (now).”

The new meters are called the Neptune MACH 10 Ultrasonic Residential Water Meter, and are manufactured by a company called Neptune Technology Group. The cost of the project, Stinson said in August, is not an issue for the agency nor customers because the replacement of old meters had already been budgeted into Woodlands Water expenditures because replacing the meters is a regular task.

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