Hawaii Public Housing Authority Awards Energy Conservation Contract

Honolulu, HI – Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA) has selected Ameresco Pacific Energy to provide energy services and energy-related capital improvements at its 67 Federal sites located throughout the state. The services and improvements will be designed to reduce energy and water use as well as related costs. Potential savings are conservatively estimated at up to $40-80 million cumulatively over the next 20 years if all recommended energy projects are implemented.

“The potential for energy and cost savings under this comprehensive program is enormous,” said David J. Anderson, executive vice president of Ameresco Pacific Energy. “Hawaii has one of the larger housing authorities in the country, therefore it is in the state’s best interest to explore the benefits of implementing an aggressive energy conservation plan. We applaud the state’s efforts and are proud to be a part of the team.” Many housing authorities across the U.S. have implemented similar energy savings contracts, which are supported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Ameresco Pacific Energy will provide a variety of services under the agreement—including an Investment-Grade Audit—to reduce energy and water consumption, upgrade energy-related capital equipment, improve building operations and maintenance, save costs through fuel switching and renewable energy, improve demand management and aid in meeting HPHA’s environmental management responsibilities. The loan payments for infrastructure and energy improvements will be paid for by the savings over the term of the agreement.

This investment-Grade Audit will serve as a basis for a comprehensive energy performance contract with a target execution date starting February 2009 through approximately 2011. “This endeavor will enable Hawaii Public Housing Authority to save substantial dollars on water and energy costs while reinvesting in its infrastructure and improving conditions for public housing residents,” said Governor Linda Lingle. “It is important that the state lead by example as we work to decrease Hawaii’s dependence on imported oil and protect our natural resources. This program is another important component that will support our efforts to increase energy independence statewide, and move us closer toward the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative goal of having 70 percent of Hawaii’s energy come from clean, renewable sources by 2030.”

Based on site visits and building surveys, discussions with HPHA personnel and a review of background information and drawings, Ameresco Pacific Energy has created a preliminary energy and water savings program with numerous conservation measures at HPHA facilities such as: water conservation measures, including high-efficiency toilets, aerators and showerheads, demand-based irrigation, and rainwater and grey water collection systems; energy-efficient lighting systems, Energy Star refrigerators, individual apartment utilities metering, and renewable technologies including photovoltaics and solar hot water heating, and solar-powered electric service vehicles. If all recommended energy saving technologies are installed, savings in the first year of the project are estimated to be in the $2-4 million, starting in 2011.

“Our agency spends approximately $10,000,000 annually on utilities,” said Chad Taniguchi, executive director of the Hawaii Public Housing Authority, “Implementing an energy savings plan is the fiscally and socially responsible thing to do. In addition to saving money and vital environmental resources, we will also be seizing an opportunity to educate public housing residents about the importance of energy and water conservation. Every cup of water and minute of electricity saved means we can put more money into fixing units. Residents and staff need to work together to save public housing.” The Hawaii Public Housing Authority is pleased to acknowledge the participation of the Hawaii State Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, which provided HPHA with both financial and technical assistance throughout the selection process. The Hawaii office of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has been very encouraging and supportive of this program.

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Ameresco: CarolAnn Hibbard, 508-661-2264, [email protected]