Forbes – If Green Hydrogen Can Fuel Los Angeles, It Will Really Be The City Of Dreams

Los Angeles may truly be the city of dreams. Its goal is to get all of its electricity from renewable energy. And its inching closer, having created a timeline to help convert an 1,800-megawatt coal plant in Utah to one that will ultimately run on green hydrogen that releases no emissions.

It’s doable. The technology works. But it must now get scaled up. And L.A. is in a perfect position to lead this project — a city that aims to have net-zero CO2 releases by 2045. To that end, it plans on buying much of the output from the Intermountain Power Project, which is now a coal plant but which is converting to a combined cycle facility. That same plant will then create a pure-form of green hydrogen. It will also have access to the existing transmission infrastructure while having the ability to store excess hydrogen onsite in a salt cavern.

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